AGNI™ (really, it’s an analogy to the god of fire) was designed on the East Coast of Canada and refined on the west coast.

After years of surfing in the cold waters off Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, the founder of Agni became frustrated with the effect of the cold while surfing. At best, in January and February, he and his mates were only able to stay out surfing for no more than 3 hours. 2 hours on cold days (-10). This problem needed a solution.

Enter the G.1 wetsuit heaters (Patent pend.) by Agni Products. It is a chemical heating element that will extend your stay in the water, snow or even make a chilly day more comfortable. It’s a blend of the best ingredients, to produce the best in warmth. You can use it with any wetsuit, any Scuba gear or under your snow apparel.

Agni™ produces a non-toxic, reusable, eco-friendly, waterproof, heat source that can be used repeatedly hundreds, even thousands, of times. They are designed with ergonomics and quality in mind, this continues to be of top priority.

The Thermal G.1 will keep you warm for an additional 40 to 80 minutes at the click of a button, extending your play.

To provide heat when you need it most.

Photo: H. Kirmis