Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do Agni™ wetsuit heaters do?

Agni™ wetsuit and body heaters allow you more time doing what you love: surfing, diving, paddling, or any other cold outdoor activity. They heat your body by transferring heat into the bloodstream near the kidneys. The heat pack is activated at any point during the activity by the click of a button.

In all but the most extreme conditions it will allow you to wear a thinner, lighter and more flexible wetsuit. In some climates it will prevent the need to own both a summer and winter wetsuit. You will be able to do various outdoor activities such as surf, paddle or dive in more undesirable conditions.

Each unit contains a non-toxic solution and a patented stainless steel disc in a sealed unit.  Flexing the metal disc in the bag causes a single molecule of the solution to crystallize, which in turn causes the entire solution to solidify.  This change causes the body/wetsuit warmers to heat up to 58 C/137 degrees F.  Depending on the size and the environment they are used in, they will stay hot for 15 – 90 minutes (depending on size) then gradually cool down.  The warmers can be re-used/recharged hundreds of times by boiling them in a pot of water for roughly 5 minutes or until the solution becomes free of crystals.

Q. How long do the Agni™ heaters last once activated?

This can vary due to the outdoor conditions and thermal properties of the wetsuit. The actual heat time derived from the chemical heater is approximately 1.25 hours but this depends on how extreme the conditions are. Due to the heat remaining in the wetsuit and increase in core temperature heat times can last longer than stated, especially if the heat pack is massaged after activating and during use.

Q. How do I recharge/re-use the Agni™ heaters?

All the instructions are included with the heat pack or you can download them here. Always place the heater in the protective boil bag supplied. Boil in bag, in pot for 5-10 minutes until the contents are completely melted and there are no crystals left. Allow the pack to cool before re-activating it.

AGNI G.1 Instructions: DOWNLOAD

Q. How is shipping cost calculated?

Canada – We use Canada Post for the shipping of our products. The cost is calculated by weight and ranges from $4.00 to a $12.00 flat rate charge.
USA – We use US Postal Service and the cost is based upon weight and zip code. Please contact us if you require a quote before your purchase.
International – Please contact us.
Duties & Taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Q. What is your warranty? Do you accept returns?

All products from Agni™ carry a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase. Promotional and demo items are excluded from this warranty. If your product is defective and has not been subject to abuse please contact us for processing. Only manufacturing defects are covered by warranty; abuse, misuse, and improper use is excluded.

If your product is defective please contact us. A Return Authorization number (RA#) and a return mailing address will be provided. Service is obtainable through AgniProducts .com or any of the various Agni retailers.
We either repair, replace or provide a refund. This is subject to our discretion. Please note that all shipping charges are non-refundable if a refund is requested.

Q. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, to retailers with a storefront we do. Please contact us with what product(s) you are interested in, the estimated quantity, the name and location of your business.

Q. How should the Heat pack be stored?

Although it can be stored in its cooled or solid state, for long-term storage, the Heat pack should be stored in its liquid form.

Q. Are the Heat packs safe?

Yes, the heat pads are non-toxic! They contain a food grade salt (sodium), a metal disk, water, and are contained inside a durable PVC outer shell.

Q. Can I microwave them?

Although possible, we DO NOT recommend doing so. In tests conducted, it did not always work and we ended up ruining some heat packs. Damaging the heat pack with the microwave IS NOT covered under warranty.
If you decide to use the microwave, against our advice, at least make sure the pad is fully immersed in water.

Q. How many times can they be used?

There is no limit to the number of times the heat packs can be used. Theoretically, they will last forever. However in tests conducted, they last from high hundreds to mid-thousands of uses. They will continue to work as long as the inside is not contaminated.

Q. Can they be used in Water?

Yes, they definitely work in water. That’s what they are designed for! They are great to have for various outdoor activities: surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, paddling, wakeboarding, kayaking, fishing, hunting.

Q. Can they be used in Snow?

Yes, they work well in snow as well. They help loosen muscles in the lower back and increase blood flow and keep muscles loose and warm. They are great to have for various outdoor winter activities: Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing.

Q. Are the heaters heavy or bulky?

No, the chemical heater only weighs approx 250 grams and measures 14” x 5.5” x 0.75”. It fits in the natural curve of your spine and can be massaged to fit the contours of your back.

Q. Are the heaters safe to travel with?

It is recommended that if you are traveling on an airplane or transporting the heat packs long distances that it is done so in the solid state to prevent punctures and leaks.

Q. Will I ever get too hot wearing my Agni™ heated kidney belt?

The maximum temperature that the heat pack will reach is 62C/143F over time this gradually reduces. We have taken into account people will sensitive skin and have a protective layer of neoprene between the heat pack and your skin so that the heat pack never comes into direct contact with the skin. If you are unsure perform a short test on land before putting on your wetsuit and getting in the water or doing your activity. If you do feel you are getting too hot you can always let some cold water to flush in through the top of your wetsuit to cool you down.