G.1 Heat Belt < Kit >

With the AGNI™ G.1 Heated kidney belt (Patent Pend.) you will be able to turn any wetsuit currently on the market into a heated wetsuit.

– 100% non-toxic

– Wetsuit/Body heater

– Generates Heat for up to 1.25 hours

– Waterproof

– Reusable thousands of times

– Reuse/reset by boiling in water (3-5 mins)

– Multi-Panel cut for engineered fit

– Velcro & Hook closure

– Brushed, rash resistant, ergonomic waistband

– Compatible with all leading brands of wetsuits

– Helps loosen back muscles so you’ll be more flexible in the water


The AGNI™ G.1 heated kidney belt (patent pend) maximizes your time outdoors. The 100% non-toxic heat pack system tucks into a sleek neoprene belt that sits on your kidneys to effectively warm blood that is circulated throughout the body.

From surfing to diving to kiting, the entire system fits comfortably underneath any wetsuit. The heating system warms the thin layer of water surrounding your body and as you move it circulates this water throughout the entire suit.

The system generates additional heat for up to 1.25 hours and can be used thousands of times.

Ideal for surfing, diving, paddling, kayaking, jogging, outdoor sports and simply, staying warm!

Purchase multiple heat pack’s to switch out mid-session. Get double… triple the time!

Get in first and out last with an AGNI wetsuit heater.

PRICE: $69.99 CND

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