New surf brand, Cascadia, hits Canadian shops

Press Release

Victoria based contract manufacturer, Swell Source, has announce today that it’s newest brand, “Cascadia Board Co,” has hit the racks of local shops. The surf brand is the first of its kind north of the border and although they offer a variety of different water sport products their focus will be on hand shaped surf and stand up paddleboards.

“We’re building products specific to the Canadian and the Pacific Northwest conditions. We’ve developed special manufacturing methods that make our boards more durable in our conditions as well as using shapes for our unique conditions,” explains company founder Jeff Zamluk.

Cascadia Board Co utilizes different construction techniques used in other board sports to help make their products stronger and perform better in local conditions. Zamluk hopes that this will give them a competitive advantage when competing with the large companies south of the border. “Our main shaper has over 10,000 boards under his belt and we are always looking for new ways to innovate traditional construction methods which shows in this year’s line”. The company is looking forward to pushing new ways of building water sports and hopes to support the local industry and culture in the future.

Local surf shops are also excited to see a local brand that can service them. Mike Bray from Relic Surf Shop in Ucluelet sees value in having a home grown brand in his back yard and has chosen to support Cascadia Board Co. in it’s first year. “This means we won’t have to make buying trips to the states. It much nicer to have local brands to buy from makes getting and checking the product out that much easier”.

In their first year Cascadia Board Co. will be focusing on hand shaped surfboards, stand up paddle (SUP) boards, body boards, and their XRF rental specific soft top surfboards and will be selling exclusively to North American core shops.

Cascadia is now available at Relic Surf Shop, Second Wave Surf and Snow, Storm Surf Shop, Longbeach Surf Shop, Alternative Groove, Red Nik Surf Shop, Switch, North Beach Surf Shop, Wave Hounds, Rossignol Surf Shop, Sitka Surfboards, Cove Board Shop, and other leading retailers.

Swell Source, established in 1998 on Vancouver Island is a private label manufacturer specializing in the action sports industry. They proudly manufacture, sell and distribute two brands, Zed Skimboards and the newest surf brand in Canada, Cascadia Board Co.

Source: Cascadia Board Co.