Review: Mountain Equipment Co-op neoprene surf socks

Mountain Equipment Co-op neoprene socksFirst off, most things that cost $7.50 don’t even deserve a review but these socks worked so well this past winter that I’ve been compelled to give them some credit.

As with most Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) water sports gear these are designed for paddling but are amazing for surfing come winter time when you need some additional insulation while you’re surfing.

I have 7mm Xcel booties, but my feet are always the first thing to freeze up on me.  Trying to stand up on my board after being in the water for two hours gets rather difficult when your feet are numb and you feel like a pirate with peg legs popping up.

Last fall I met this French surfer at my local break and he was sporting a pair of these 3mm MEC socks. I went and picked them up to give them a try.  Since then they have added at least another 30 minutes to how long I can stay out in the water.

If you do decide to buy a pair remember this:  before you go to put your wetsuit on make sure you: PUT THE SOCKS ON FIRST! It’ll be like you put oil in your suit it makes it that easy to push your feet down through the legs. Then throw your booties on, as you normally would.

It also makes it easier for you to get out of your suit when you’re freezing your twig and berries off while standing in a Tupperware container on the side of the road.

I’ve also heard of a few winter travelers wearing these socks under their climbing boots and/or ski boots in cold and soggy conditions, such as drippy ice climbs or skiing in melting snow. So if you’re reading this and do any other out door winter sports you might want to throw these in your bag.

It’s the best $7.50 I’ve spent in years!

Sizes: 5-13 (Unisex)
Price: $7.50 CAD

  • Made of 3mm-thick neoprene for warmth.
  • Nylon covered on the outside for durability, and bare on the inside for easier cleaning and faster drying.
  • Three-piece construction eliminates seams under the soles of the feet.