Travel Report: Nicaragua Update

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One of our local surfers headed down to Nicaragua for some sun and surf.  Good choice considering it’s nearly impossible to get both at the same time here in Canada.

In case you were thinking about heading down she emailed us some important information about Playa Madera just north of San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua.  Where things have changed, for the better!

Here’s what she had to say:

“…(I) ended up staying right at the main beach break at “los Tres Hermosos”.  This was the kind of set up I was looking for as I was traveling solo and didn’t have much time I just wanted to park myself somewhere, watch surf, chill in a hammock, eat good food, drink good beer and surf!

I had a room to myself for $10 US a day, rented a board for $8 a day and could get breakfast, lunch, beer and water from downstairs.

While I was there they were working hard to get more rooms put in upstairs and they put in a new bathroom upstairs as well, with a shower AND toilet! They can probably bunk about 14 people. It was a pretty basic set up but your DIRECTLY on the break plus the family that runs the place are great, you really feel like you get to know the local culture a bit.”

When was down in 2008

This is a big improvement, as the last time anyone from was down there a toilet, let alone a shower, didn’t even exist. However, it did sleep 8-10 people upstairs.

“I Felt like my stuff was secure as well, they really made sure nobody that wasn’t staying there came up the stairs to our rooms. I’d definitely go back.”

For further accommodation there is Matilda’s, which is further north up the beach and a couple smaller places (Hostel, B&B) on the hills behind this stretch of beach.

The best season to hit the Pacific coast of Nicaragua or Central American breaks is our summer or April until October.  If you show up in this window you should expect good surf for at least half of your stay.

When was down in 2008

One further note from Amy:

“Casa Oro is also doing boat tours for $15 for a half day. Got to check out tamarindo, playa Hermosa and Yankees and there’s $20 massages.”

When was down in 2008

Thanks to Amy Therialt for the info.