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Out with the old, in with the new!

As most of you may have noticed, we did a bit of rearranging with the site over the last couple of days.
We’re pretty stoked on it and hope you are too! We tried not to make any drastic changes (yet!) as we know most of us are creatures of habit. There is more to come but your going to have to wait it out and see (similar to our summer surf!).

What’s new so far?
– New account login and/or facebook connect. This allows you to login, create a profile, connect with other surfers, comment on articles, live chat, personal member blogs, be entertained by some random games and an enormous amount of other things.
– ‘Activity’ function on the user menu allows you to see the most recent happenings pertaining to you and your account.
– There will be a new photo gallery in the coming weeks.
– Largest selection of surf vids on the east coast!

We realize that it may not make some of you so happy to find out that your forum account has now be terminated. It would be great to have you register using the same user name under our new system. We tried to integrate your former forum username’s so you wouldn’t have to re-register but it’s nearly impossible from a programming perspective. However, we will be archiving all of the old relevant forum posts in the new system so you will still be able to read and reference them.

For the most part everything else has just been re-arranged to make easier and more user friendly.

If there’s something we missed or something you’d like to see post a comment below!

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Andy Irons dies on way back to Hawaii

Three-time world surfing champ Andy Irons has died. The 32-year-old Hawaiian reportedly died as a result of complications from dengue fever. Irons missed his Round 1 and 2 heats at the Rip Curl Search Puerto Rico stop on the ASP Men’s World Tour Saturday due to the illness.

He was flown to Miami from Puerto Rico where he remained on IV drip for two days. Irons then attempted to fly home to see his doctor in Kauai. He missed his connecting flight in Dallas Read More…

Aussie wins the O’Neill Cold Water Classic in Tofino

Josh Kerr wins 2010 CWC Canada

Australian Josh Kerr knocked off local favourite and defending contest champion Pete Derives Thursday morning en route to capturing first place at the O’Neill Cold Water Classic (CWC) Canada in Tofino, B.C.

In clean four-foot conditions at Chesterman Beach, Kerr, 26, defeated American Eric Geiselman in the final of the 6-star ASP event. For his efforts, Kerr pocketed $20,000 and earned 3,000 points in the CWC series.

“It was a bit of a slow final,” said Kerr, following what was his fourth heat of the day. “Youʼre blood is pumping a lot harder to keep you warm. It takes it out of you. But we are surfing in Canada – itʼs a beautiful place. Youʼre in the mountains but by the beach. Itʼs a trip. I am stoked!”

One high point in the contest for Devries was a Round 3 victory over Australian Stu Kennedy, who currently sits in second in the CWC series.

“Iʼm disappointed, but still happy I made it through a few heats,” said Devries, who recently won the September Storm Classic at Lawrencetown Beach. Read More…

First days of the O’Neill Cold Water Classic

Peter Devries gives the locals of Tofino a scare before advancing in the dying minutes, as the O’Neill Cold Water Classic gets underway in 6-foot swell and sunshine.

Tofino, Canada – October 10, 2010 – The storms might have calmed for this second day at the O’Neill Cold Water Classic Canada, but the local community of Tofino were anything but calm as Peter Devries took to the water.

Last year’s CWC Canada winner and Tofino local, Devries gave the crowds on the beach a little bit of a fright as he looked set to be knocked out of his first round heat, before calmly pulling out the score he needed in the dying minutes behind one of the standouts of the morning – Timmy Reyes.

“I had a complete shocker out there today,” said Devries. “I just wasn’t feeling good on waves. I was lucky to get through. That last wave was good and I felt like I surfed it pretty bad so I wasn’t expecting the score,” he said.

In stark contrast to the stormy last few days in this remote western corner of Canada, the 6 Star ASP O’Neill Cold Water Classic awoke to gentle winds, clear blue skies and 6-foot surf for a 9am start at Chesterman’s Beach. Read More…

Photo of the Day: Kitesurfing Taking off in NS

Eric from Club Wind & Kite in New Brunswick makes a worthwhile trip to kitesurf in N.S.

Surfing, no matter what genre, seems to be really catching on in Nova Scotia. If you have any pictures you’d like to share please email them to us at:

1st Annual Canadian Surf Film Festival Challenge

The Canadian Surf Film Festival (CSFF) is hosting the first Canadian surf film challenge. The deadline is September 3rd for submissions.

Join the celebration of surf culture by making your very own short surf film. It can be a documentary, experimental, animation, drama, or whatever you like. Shoot it on any format: from cell phone to IMAX. They will select a full program of the best films submitted for a world premiere and then present one short film per month over the following year on their website. Prizes to the audience favorite and jury favorite. Show your friends and family what your passion is all about!

Deadline: Completed films in by 5 p.m., Sept. 3.
Screening Date: Selected films will premiere Oct. 1.
Location: Park Lane on Spring Garden Road, Halifax

Guidelines and Regulations: Read More…

Danielle’s Diary

The Hunt “Danielle” from ALEK PARKER on Vimeo.

RipCurl STEW to serve as trails for O’Neill CWC

The Rip Curl Stew is slated to go for June 5 and 6 at Cox Bay in Tofino BC this year.

“The top two finishers in the Rip Curl Stew will receive entry into the O’Neill Cold Water Classic Canada main event, with all the remaining surfers being seeded according to their standings at the Stew,” said O’Neill spokesperson Marc Fuller. “If the full field of 144 is not realized by the closing date, those seeded surfers from the Stew will gain entry into the O’Neill Cold Water Classic Canada according to their placing in the Stew.”

This sounds like a good idea as it may, depending on how well they surf in the Stew, allow for more Canadians to make it into the O’Neill CWC. If the full field (under 142) or less show up, there’s a good chance we’ll see more locals in the comp since the spots will be open.  However, the CWC being a 6-star event, it’s hard to say that most of the international surfer’s wont’ be showing up!

State of the Coast: Public Consultations

This month the province is holding public consultations with regards to ongoing coastal policy development and the province’s State of the Coast Report.

Since we all share this indispensable resource, it is very important for residents, especially surfers, to make our voices heard on what we want to see the government do, how they should do it and how important the coast is to us.

Please take the time to attend one of the public forms listed below when it’s in your area:

  • Bridgewater, May 4, Bridgewater Curling Club, 90 Dominion St.
  • Yarmouth, May 5, Rodd Grand Hotel, 415 Main St.
  • Digby, May 11, Digby Fire Hall, 163 First Ave.
  • Wolfville, May 12, Acadia University, Athletic Complex, Main St.
  • Truro, May 18, NS Agricultural College, Cumming Hall, 62 Cumming Drive
  • Antigonish, May 19, Royal Canadian Legion, 294 Main St.
  • Sydney, May 20, Days Inn, 480 Kings Rd.
  • Dartmouth, May 26, NSCC Waterfront Campus, 80 Mawiomi Place

New Product: Soma Airbag

Click n' blow to enlarge

I saw this product and was taken away by it’s innovation so it’s worth mentioning here on For anyone who has had the headache of you board being dinged up by donut-eating luggage handlers, this could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Introducing the Soma Airbag by Soma Designs. First off, I can’t help but think, “Why didn’t I come up with this?” So what is it?

It’s basically an air-filled board bag. It has ribbed air chambers that displace the energy from a direct impact more evenly so your board doesn’t even feel it. There’s an air chamber running the perimeter of the bag, foam on the inside and the nose and tail are reinforced. It comes in two sizes 6’6” and 7” and I hear that there’s more versions on the way. Read More…