New Product: Soma Airbag

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I saw this product and was taken away by it’s innovation so it’s worth mentioning here on For anyone who has had the headache of you board being dinged up by donut-eating luggage handlers, this could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Introducing the Soma Airbag by Soma Designs. First off, I can’t help but think, “Why didn’t I come up with this?” So what is it?

It’s basically an air-filled board bag. It has ribbed air chambers that displace the energy from a direct impact more evenly so your board doesn’t even feel it. There’s an air chamber running the perimeter of the bag, foam on the inside and the nose and tail are reinforced. It comes in two sizes 6’6” and 7” and I hear that there’s more versions on the way.

Currently they are sold out of stock in manufacturing but they are not sold out at retailers and select surf shops. You can expect to pay around $190 USD for one. Think of it as a small insurance policy on your board. It’s a bit more expensive than currently board bags but with almost no risk of dings. I’ll pay the premium.

The best part beside have a ding proof board bag? It doubles as the most comfortable travel pad!  When not in use, it deflates and rolls up into a carry bag. Even jumping on it, rocker down, didn’t do squat.

We’re going to try and get our hands on one so keep posted for a further review.